Thursday, February 13, 2014

Teaching just gets better and better......
I spend time in the car trying to get to know the students, their life, goals, problems, etc.
I'm doing a drive early Saturday morning and one of my male students is very quiet. So, thinking I'm funny, I try to initiate some conversation with him that he wants NO part of. So I say, "You know what they say about students who don't talk much?".
He replies, "No."
I say, "They might grow up to be serial killers!"
He doesn't even blink...and says, "I don't eat much cereal!"

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hello and welcome back. I just returned from the 2012 Montana Traffic Education Association conference in Billings. What a great event. I had the pleasure to reconnect with other teachers and meet new friends. I always come back from these event recharged and ready to get after it and continue to improve myself as a Teacher.
I would like to acknowledge Rich Hanson, who was a presenter at the conference. What a motivational person and what a talent. I was so impressed with what he had to say and how he said it. One thing that I keep hearing him say was, "If students don't learn the way YOU teach, teach the way THEY can learn".
There was another great activity that we participated in. It was a round table discussion of memorable moments. I am thinking I will focus on some of my most memorable moments and encourage YOU to also submit some of yours to me. I believe this is important so that no one teacher feels like they are on an island. There is a lot of stuff that happens to us, please consider sharing some of yours with me. Send an email to and I will add yours to the blog. Please let me know if you would like to remain anonymous. Thanks and check back soon to read some of my crazier times in the Driver's Education car.

Buckle up
~ Jerry

Friday, March 30, 2012


Hello Fellow Teachers and Curious people. I have taken to share what I've encountered in the world of "Student Drivers". First, let me say that I never had any intentions of being a Drivers Education Instructor but now that I am, I am really pleased that I took the opportunity to work with teenage drivers. It is not an easy job, in fact there are times that are just plain scary. Just recently, in my last session, I was involved in a 70 mph side skid in which we left the road and ended up in the ditch. When people tell you that "their life flashed before their eyes" believe it! As we were skidding sideways on a perfectly dry rural road, my thoughts were of my family, how my family was going to take the news that Dad succumbed in a car accident driven by a teen, and how my family was going to recover and move on without me. Scary stuff. Luckily, we didn't flip the car. We did end up in the ditch and had to rely on a passerby to tow us out of the ditch. The ride home was very quiet. Let me add that there are many more positives than negatives when it comes to teaching teens to drive. The innocence is very refreshing. I will share more of my experiences with my students and more stories later. I just want to see how this ordeal will play out.
Take care, drive safe and ALWAYS wear your seatbelt.

The Coach O